Why using Hash tags attracts more Musically Likes

News 12:07 July 2020:

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Just like twitter, hash tags on this app markets your post. If 1000 people use the same hash tag along their videos, thousands of other people will get to see all those posts. If you post more than one video clip using the same hash tag therefore, the chances of more people seeing them and getting to like the posts increases even further. There is also a hash tag category in musical.ly app just like in twitter. Where you can add them for more musically likes.
One big mistake people do with hash tags however is using hash tags that have already stopped trending or overusing current trends. Be moderate and use the most trendy hash tags at the moment. You may however use popular hash tags like #like4like often because after all what you need are more likes on your clips. If you have posted several posts during the same day, make sure that you at least change the background or make up to provide more variety in your posts. People are not likely to like similar looking videos in any day even when they may be cool or funny. Getting musically likes as you may have seen is actually not very hard, because everything tends to work like in other social media networks.