Safety on Snapchat Beyond Getting Snapchat Views;

News 09:11 November 2019:

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With the fun and addictive nature of this app, care should be taken while using this social media platform at all times. As you share your snaps and video and go on to get more snapchat views,  ensure your safety remains the top priority. Keep the following things as you stay safe as you enjoy and interact with your friends.

Always take appropriate photos as people may take screenshots of you and save them on their phones. This is the only option since they cannot download them. This exposes you especially to strangers who follow your profile with ill minds. As it generates many snapchat views, it can be exposing you to kidnappers or criminals who may track you down.

Avoid snapchatting with strangers you have not met personally if it is your personal account. This is because you will be posting about your personal life that will make sense to only people who know you at least beyond this platform. For businesses, it’s okay since you talking about products and services and not you personal lives and snaps.

Finally, ensure that you edit your privacy settings to allow only people you know to send you photos. This is good especially if you moved with this followers from other existing social media platforms.