How To Get More Snapchat Followers On Your Account

News 09:11 November 2019:

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Snapchat is a photo-messaging app that has been around several years now, but it has started to gain more popularity in recent times. More and more public figures namely celebrities and celebrity chefs are going on Snapchat to share their daily moments since this app allows its users to take and share temporary videos and photos.

However, with certain limitations on sharing and hash tagging features, gaining Snapchat followers can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t have anything unique or special to show and tell except for your daily logs.

While it can be challenging, it’s not exactly impossible. Here are some quick tips on how to get more Snapchat followers on your account.


  • Figure out how to use it – This may seem like a simple tip, but many users aren’t really familiar with using Snapchat because it functions differently than another famous photo-messaging app, Instagram. Download Snapchat and play around with its features first before adding your first photo and/or video


  • Advertise your “ghost” – Snapchat logo is a white ghost icon in a yellow box with dots that are placed in unique placement for every user. Get a screen grab of your ghost and post it on your other social networking sites. Other users can simply scan the screen grab and they will automatically follow your account!


  • Get creative – Because Snapchat can record videos on what you’re doing for the entire day, it’s a good idea to think of a theme or a direction you want your account to be. While what your experience of day-to-day life is different than others, having a themed account will help people relate to you more and thus, increasing your Snapchat followers!