Deleting Snapchat Followers Quickly.

News 09:11 November 2019:

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On successful blocking of one or few of your snapchat followers, you may go ahead to delete them completely from your profile if you feel so. This is after considering that you may no longer unblock them from the blocked list, so there is no point seeing them on the list every time you log in. On the good note, you may be giving the blocked user a chance to stop sending the content you. If the user is unwilling to do so, it is a high time to get rid of him. Don’t waste time blocking them but rather delete them.
It is as simple as going to the friend list and scrolling up to the name of the user you wish to remove. On identifying, tap on it and a gear icon will appear next to the username you want to get rid of. On clicking on the gear icon, a “Delete” icon will appear and on clicking, the name disappears from the list completely. Sharing of videos and snaps with that person will no longer be possible or sharing of stories.

After some time and you wish to add back the deleted person back to your snapchat followers, you have to send a new request again they have to accept on their end before you friends again.